Self Cultivation for Empowerment


We need to work hard if we want to remain at the top; grow above midiocracy; and if we want to distinguish ourselves. Often times we hear people say that some people are just lucky; which to them being lucky means “succeeding by chance” and this entails why many people in this generation has surrender everything to chance. they don’t believe that hard works pays off in the long-run; they make no efforts about anything.

The Coming of Social Media


The coming of social media has diminished the writing skills of the 21st century. Nowadays, letter writing is common only amongst business whereby, social media is the common means used to communicate daily. This has a negative effect on communication and writing skills because social media is spontaneous. With the spontaneity of social media communication, people hardly think before the write and they hardly revise what they have written talkles of organizing it.

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