Bind DNS Configuration For Oracle Cluster


[root@node1 grid]# cat /var/named/forward.ankinimbom$TTL 86400@ IN SOA (211071001 ;Serial3600 ;Refresh1800 ;Retry604800 ;Expire86400 ;Minimun TTL)@ IN NS IN A IN A IN A IN A IN A IN A IN A IN A IN A IN A IN […]

The Complexity of Philosophy


What makes philosophy interesting is the arguments and theses defended by philosophers in various domains of research interest. However, what remains as a puzzle at times is whether those brilliant and influential ideas defended by these thinkers can be understood by everybody.

Can good people have bad habits?


being a good person is not about virtue signalling because when we spent time telling people what is right and doing nothing to examine ourselves there is a possibility to even become worse. Bad habits are not natural. They are cultivated, and the good news is that they can be replaced if the individuals subject to, become conscious and willing to work out for good ones.

Gun Control Is A Necessity!


Is it not time for someone to say this have to come to an end? anyone that claims to be a patriotic America and stand against guns control at this crucial moment contradicts the very patriotism he claims stand for. It is but logical that those who argue against gun control have a selfish agenda which is known only to them. They care only about themselves forgetting the lives of the vulnerable citizens who are expose to this danger.

Self Cultivation for Empowerment


We need to work hard if we want to remain at the top; grow above midiocracy; and if we want to distinguish ourselves. Often times we hear people say that some people are just lucky; which to them being lucky means “succeeding by chance” and this entails why many people in this generation has surrender everything to chance. they don’t believe that hard works pays off in the long-run; they make no efforts about anything.

Education, a Developmental science. For Self Cultivation Or Career Orientation?


Human life is not perfect and so needs constant improvement. Just like a farm that is cultivated, individuals invest so much time on personal development and empowerment programs. This is because they want to become the best of the person they could be. In other words, the best version of themselves. The process of constant self-improvement to become a better version of oneself is term self-cultivation, and we can liken it to a farm because of shared similarities: a farm is tilled, planted and weed to provide a conducive environment for crops to grow until harvest is done.



We often hear people say, “experience is the best teacher” and by this, they meant that people who have witnessed the reality of things have a better understanding of them than those that have just ideas or are only been told about those same things. Experience is used by many people as a guise to silence others and have dominion over them. Thus, projecting the other side of experience as an appeal for power. In other words, when people say that they have experience they are simply saying that they have power.

The Coming of Social Media


The coming of social media has diminished the writing skills of the 21st century. Nowadays, letter writing is common only amongst business whereby, social media is the common means used to communicate daily. This has a negative effect on communication and writing skills because social media is spontaneous. With the spontaneity of social media communication, people hardly think before the write and they hardly revise what they have written talkles of organizing it.

Law and Tradition


The law is influenced by its context and understanding the context of the law according to Krygier is of utmost importance; it is the precondition of lawyering and this is why he said, “to know and understand the system of law is in so many ways similar to knowing and understanding a language.” Language is complex and just like language so too is the law.

Economics and Politics


It is no accident that human beings act the way they do what stimulates economic growth is the lies that they will be better off than they are. To Adam Smith, economic inequality is okay so long as it benefit the underprivilege. People work together because they want to be complimented not because they want to work together

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