Gun Control Is A Necessity!


Is it not time for someone to say this have to come to an end? anyone that claims to be a patriotic America and stand against guns control at this crucial moment contradicts the very patriotism he claims stand for. It is but logical that those who argue against gun control have a selfish agenda which is known only to them. They care only about themselves forgetting the lives of the vulnerable citizens who are expose to this danger.

Self Cultivation for Empowerment


We need to work hard if we want to remain at the top; grow above midiocracy; and if we want to distinguish ourselves. Often times we hear people say that some people are just lucky; which to them being lucky means “succeeding by chance” and this entails why many people in this generation has surrender everything to chance. they don’t believe that hard works pays off in the long-run; they make no efforts about anything.

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